Healthcare Communications SolutionsAustco makes sophisticated nurse call systems, enterprise reporting and analytics tools, and industry-leading software applications for caregivers and clinical staff.

Built-in RTLS

Austco now offers features previously only available with 3rd-party RTLS systems. No middleware or 3rd-party hardware required.

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The most advanced nurse call system in the world

Tacera is an IP-based nurse call system and sophisticated communications platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of any healthcare facility.

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Simplified workflow

Our touchscreen station enables healthcare facilities to streamline their workflow communication processes.

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True enterprise reporting

Austco’s reporting and analytics platform can aggregate nurse call data from multiple buildings and regions.

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Austco Pulse Mobile: alarm management and workflow on nurses apple or android phones

Pulse MobileYour alarms, on your phone

Austco’s native mobile app provides alarm management, virtual workflow, and VOIP phone calling.

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Improve patient satisfaction scores

A nurse call system directly and indirectly contributes to overall patient satisfaction.

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What is IP Nurse Call?

Why does it matter whether your solution is fully IP? It affects integrations, compatibility, and future-proofs your investment.

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About Austco

Founded in 1986, Austco is a leading global provider of nurse call communication technology and software solutions.

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