Clinical WorkflowStreamline your communication processes with completely customizable buttons. Capture critical metrics and support care initiatives.

What can workflow optimization do?

Clinical workflow is one of the most powerful additions to a Nurse Call System. Austco’s workflow features allow you complete control over your processes. Workflow allows you to

  • Accurately monitor rounding compliance
  • Streamline your communication channels
  • Record pain checks and other care initiatives
  • Push data to a patient’s chart with a single button push
  • Indicate statuses like staff presence or patient falls risk by turning on the over-door light

Virtual buttons do virtually anything

Our in-room touchscreen devices display one or more pages of virtual buttons. These buttons are configured per your requirements: you can have code whatever. The icons, colors, alarm names are all customizable.

Raise Alarms

Any call type can be a virtual button. It will lights the lights, plays the tones, and behave exactly like a physical button.

Status Alerts

Turn on the over door light to indicate a staff member is in the room or the patient is a falls risk, or any other status staff need to be aware of.


Run for a certain interval and then alert the staff. For rounding reminders, or pain assessment, etc. Intervals are configurable.

VOIP Speed Dial

Austco’s touchscreens can be used for voice communication. Call the pharmacy, dietary, labs, or another room. Simply add a speed-dial button and it will initiate a phone session.

More time caring, less time charting

Austco has bi-directional communication with Epic and other EMRs. Any of the buttons can be configured to push a record to the patient’s EMR.

Want to record exactly when rounding is completed? Add a “Rounding” button and the patient’s chart will be updated and the nurse does not need to log into a workstation to chart.

Alerts go to the right person, right away

Virtual buttons are configured to mirror your workflow, and the call goes to the right person, team, or department. None of the workflow buttons need bother the RN at all, nor do they need to make sound or show up within the nurse call system. This is just communication, messaging, happening behind the scenes.

Streamline things even more with your RTLS system: calls can be auto-cancelled the second a staff member walks into the room.

Measure what matters to YOU

All events are logged and can be reported. How long does it take for EVS to get to a room? To clean the room? How long are patients waiting from the time they’re roomed until they see a staff member? How often are rounds completed?

For any metric you want to capture, make a custom button and associate that to a behavior within the nurse call system.

Improve the patient experience

Workflow is ideal for capturing metrics related to HCAHPS and other measures of patient experience.

  • Route the call to the correct caregiver to reduce the time patients wait after they press the button.
  • Create reminders to assess pain regularly.
  • Light the over door-light to indicate when a doctor is in the room, so the nurse knows to be present to answer any questions the patient may have.
  • Alert EVS directly to clean the room
  • Alert Dietary to remove food trays

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