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Austco USA receives $0.535m AUD order for Tacera Nurse Call System and Data Warehouse Solution

  • Austco’s Tacera Platform will integrate with the customer’s sophisticated Business Intelligence solution 
  • State-of-the-art IP patient stations will provide up to seven call priorities

Tuesday, 29 May 2018– Melbourne – Azure Healthcare Limited (ASX:AZV) is pleased to announce that it’s subsidiary, Austco USA, has received a $0.535m AUD order for the supply of Austco’s Tacera Nurse Call System and Data Warehouse solution.

The Tacera Nurse Call System will include Austco’s innovative patient stations which provide up to seven separately identifiable call priorities and integrated intercom for two-way audio capability.

Critical messages, including medical emergency notifications, will be sent to programmable corridor displays and duty stations installed throughout the facility to ensure staff are immediately notified and can act quickly. Two-way audio will connect patients to all healthcare personnel in real-time, helping improve workflow and drive efficiencies while reducing risk.

Austco’s Data warehouse solution will collect alarm and response data for use with the customer’s business intelligence (BI) platform. BI tools give administrators the information they need to make informed decisions that optimize operations and streamline complex processes; such as scheduling staff, managing housekeeping, and tracking maintenance requests.

Clayton Astles, Azure Healthcare’s CEO, commented on the recent order, “This important win would not have been possible without the company’s continued investment in research and development which has produced the industry’s most innovative products, including Australia’s only “all-in-one” IP and SIP nurse call patient stations and our new Tacera Pulse platform. We look forward to announcing innovative product advancements and further opportunities in the near future.”

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