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Azure Healthcare Ltd. adopts new corporate name ‘Austco Healthcare’

Azure Healthcare Ltd. adopts new corporate name ‘Austco Healthcare’
Azure Healthcare Ltd, Austco's parent company, has changed its name to Austco Healthcare Ltd.

The new name will align subsidiaries in all global markets with a focus on providing best-in-class healthcare communication solutions.

The Azure Healthcare Ltd. (ASX:AZV) board is pleased to announce its plan to adopt a new corporate name, Austco Healthcare (ASX:AHC). This name change will align all of Azure’s global subsidiaries as the company continues to focus on enhancing its market-leading software suite with advanced clinical workflow, task management and business intelligence solutions.

The name change reflects Austco Healthcare’s growing portfolio of healthcare communications and data solutions, and distinguishes the company from other Azure brands in the market.

Austco Healthcare has traded and sold its products under the name “Austco” for many years and considers it appropriate to align the name with the products it trades.

Further, Austco Healthcare will continue to develop products under the brand names Medicom, Tacera and Tacera Pulse, which are recognized globally as best-in-class healthcare communications solutions.

“As we continue to execute on our long-term strategic plan, the board believes this name change and corporate alignment will ensure that we are well positioned to deliver innovative solutions to all of our global markets,” said Clayton Astles, CEO and Executive Director of Austco Healthcare.

This rebranding will not affect or delay any current or future business of Azure Healthcare Limited. Our commitment to our customers and partners remain our highest priority.

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